Farm History

Farm History   Celebrating 35 Years of Growing High-bush Blueberries (1978 – 2013)

Bill Hugli during the early years of production.

While travelling through the United States in the 1970’s with his family, Bill Hugli came across high bush blueberry plantations in New Jersey. At the time, Bill Hugli was a holistic style chiropractor and the idea that blueberries on high bushes would be able to be picked by people of any age or physical condition excited Bill. The thought of being able to offer people the “therapy” of a health building food and the exercise of picking the berries drove Bill’s quest to see if these hybrids would survive in the colder Canadian climate. After testing a few hundred bushes of various varieties over several years, the decision was made against all “expert” advice to establish the most northerly commercial highbush blueberry operation in Pembroke, Ontario.With Bill’s vision and the hard work of his family, friends and dedicated staff, Hugli’s conquered the odds and succeeded in growing blueberries.

Eileen Hugli planting blueberry bushes in 1978.

Today, Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch grows over 17 acres of blueberries and is the largest blueberry operation in Eastern Ontario.  In the past 11 years the business has expanded and now also grows pumpkins & Christmas Trees.

Sadly, Bill passed away in 1996 but his legacy lives on for all to enjoy.  Bill’s youngest son Brian and his wife Judy and their two children now operate Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch.