Blueberry Season (usually from mid July to early September)Blueberry Farms in Ontario

Blueberry Information

The Hugli family has been growing nutritious & delicious pyo and picked blueberries for over 30 years. Please check our crop report for up to date conditions during the season.  There are 17 acres of blueberries with 17 different varieties that ripen at various times. Children are always welcome to pick with an adult  with Covid-19 limits in place – 2 children per adult).  See below for other Covid-19 safety measures that are in place.   There are no pets or smoking permitted in the field.  There is a designated smoking area.   Fresh, picked blueberries are also available for sale in the country gift store and NEW from the Front Porch Bake Shop located at the front of the ranch building.  Sorry, no pets allowed on the property.  Smoking in the designated smoking area only (not in the fields, play area, store and outdoor seating area).

2020 Blueberry Prices

Pick-your-own $7.75/kg
Fresh picked – $7.75/qt, $13 1.5 litre, $21 3 litre

Picking Hours (2020)

Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm,
Sat: 9am – 5pm and
Sun: 11am – 4pm
Holiday Monday 9am – 5pm

Picking Blueberries

NEW Covid-19 Pick Your Own Safety Measures
*Effective July 15th, Masks/Face Covering are required in the store, on the frequently sanitized wagons and when you cannot stay 2 meters away from others (as per the Renfrew County and District Health Unit Covid-19 directive).  Disposable masks are available for a $1 donation.

*Please stay at home if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, have come into contact with anyone infected or have travelled outside of the country.

*No reservations required.

*All children must be directly supervised and stay with the adult in their row.

*Stay in your assigned picking area.  The field host will safely move you to another picking area if needed.

*Please follow the new entrance and exit areas into the store and picking area.  The Blueberry check-in area is now located on the ranch deck.  You may pick into your own baskets or purchase a container (1.5l or 3l) to pick into.  PYO blueberries will be sold by weight.  There is a separate Blueberry check-out area that you will be directed to.  Please follow all directional signs.

*Hand sanitizer stations will be located at the entrance and at the exit of the store, at the wagon pick up area and in the picking area.  Please use it.

*Public washroom facilities are open.

*For your safety, please wait until after you wash your blueberries to eat them.  No eating in the field.

*No outside picnics or large group gatherings (max 10 people) in the outside seating area.  Food can be purchased on-site.

*Lets keep everyone safe together by following the new Covid-19 safety measures in place.

High-bush blueberries are picked by hand and not with a rake. You are welcome to bring your own containers to pick into or use our picking buckets with net bags. Pick-your-own blueberries are sold by weight. For those who do not want to bend over, you will be happy to know that some of our bushes are 6 feet high.  Your blueberry picking adventure may include a short wagon ride to the best picking spot for that day. Your friendly and knowledgeable field hosts will show you how and where to pick. Farmer Hugli has a designated picking plan to ensure that all varieties get picked at their peak.

Blueberry picking is accesible for all.Designated Accessible Picking Area

The rows closest to the ranch building are designated for those with physical disabilities.  A wheelchair can easily fit between and under the the bushes.

Storing and Preparing Blueberries

Unwashed blueberries will keep for up to a month in a dry, sealed container. Wash the blueberries when ready to serve. To freeze blueberries, wash your blueberries and drain well, then pack into containers leaving 1/2 inch space at the top or pack in plastic bags. The key is to drain well and then you can easily scoop out the blueberries as needed.

Fresh blueberries picked at Hugli's Blueberry Ranch in Pembroke, Ontario.

Health Benefits

Did you know that one-half cup of blueberries delivers as much antioxidant power as five servings of other fruits and vegetables? The high levels of anthocyanin in blueberries which is a natural antioxidant, make blueberries powerful allies in the fight against aging, heart disease and cancer. Anthocyanin is the same substance that gives the fruit its rich blue coloring.  As well, blueberries also contain large amounts of chlorogenic acid, which is thought to be one of the “cancer fighters” found in fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, blueberries also have strong anti-inflammatories such as the arthritis-relieving pigment cyanidin.

Family Fun Play Park

After picking blueberries, we invite you to visit Hugli’s Family Fun Play Park (admission required).  Please click here for more info.

During the fall, we add more seasonal activities such as the 6 acre corn maze, wagon rides to the pumpkin patch, pig races, pirate pumpkin cannon shows & more. Click here for more information.